Code of Conduct

Chain of Command Like any organised group all members should be treated with fair respect and their opinions listened to, but senior staff are senior for a reason and their opinions and decisions should be always respected and observed.

Open Door Policy The Commanding Officer Theron will always maintain a open door policy for anyone at anytime for any reason, be he a member or not. You will be treated in a kind and respectful matter and your words will be listen to with utmost importance. Standards Members should fully understand that they are joining a serious community which maintains a high expectation of individual standards. — Eligible members should display: – An adept skill level in combat games – Able to make fast and solid decisions and enact them – Honesty and accountability – Solid communication skills – Willingness to follow and accept orders – Reliability and able to multi-task / think clearly in stressful situations – Have a solid understanding of tactical teamplay

Discipline In game, Members must display discipline and personal control in and out of gameplay sessions. This means an ability to follow commands, to cover critical avenues even if action is happening elsewhere, to play support roles and understand their importance to the team effort, but also not fuck about at the start of missions wasting others time, not talk continual banter or generally speak in shared in-game radio channels without good reason.

No Drama Outside of game, one must respect and get along with fellow clan memebers. There will Zero tolerance on Hostility and Drama. Any member who repeatedly creates hostile situations or a disruptive environment can expect a swift demotion/discharge by the CO(Theron)

Personal Improvement
Members are expected to spend whatever time is necessary in practicing and learning new skills and improving their knowledge base eg. Tactics, Situational Awareness, Communication skills, Gunplay, Vehicle Operation, Windows Folder structure and understanding installation and maintenance of mods and plugins. Sportsmanship We operate from a position of sportsmanship, mutual respect, fair play, personal development and success through overcoming challenges. We are not looking for people who always choose the easy options or overpowered assets so they can one-man-army a mission. Members should understand that on Zeus missions some narratives are required to conclude or begin missions and should respect not exploit these mechanics. If a mission is succeeded or failed is down to the command, not any actions carried out after the fact.

Judicial Punishments All Judicial Punishments (eg. Bans, Discharge, Demotions, etc) shall and will be carried out by, and only by, the Commanding Officer (Unless the CO states otherwise). If any member besides the CO decides to punish another member for actions done in clan or out, the punisher will be the one recieveing Judicial Punishments and not the one who was initially being punished. All Incidents and reports must be reported to the Commanding Officer post haste and then await further instructions. Instructions that will usually follow is that both parties will sit down with the CO and possibly other Officer staff to discuss what happned and action may or may not follow depending on the CO’s discression.