Who are we?

Welcome one and all to the Rejects Platoon.

What is the 124th MCH you may ask?

Well in short, we are a Army unit in “Halo” Universe. Long version being; UNSC Army, 1st Cavalry Division, 124th Mechanized Brigade, 13th Infantry Regiment, B Company, 1st “Rejects” Platoon.

But that honestly is not important. What is important is that we are a group of laid back individuals from many walks of life who just want to play a realistic military experience set in the Halo Universe. Or unit is comprised of so far of people with real life Military experience, such as myself, to people who never played Arma before but are motivated to learn.

What can you expect from the 124th?

To be honest, a chill relaxed environment overall. You can say we are in the borderline between a Tactical Realism Unit and a Casual Milsim Unit.

We have no dedicated MOSs or set squads, most roles are available for anyone to play. We don’t have a “Sir or SGT” policy either. We have a rank structure, but it only signifies Veterancy or Merits. The only locked or reserved positions are that of leadership and support classes and are available for those who have proven to be able to do those roles for they are very Important.

What kind of Operations does the 124th do?

Our missions are extremely flexible. Being a Mechanized unit, we are able to adapt and conduct an assortment of missions for whatever is required. The Unit itself is based around the Halo Universe during the time where Humanity’s outer colonies were rebelling for independence from the United Earth Government. So a lot of missions will focus on counter insurgency operations but will sometimes be focused against a planetary defense force as a whole planet’s population has rebelled from the UEG
Operations Schedule

ops are at 1530 EDT Sunday ATM

Right now we are a very small unit that I started 4 weeks ago am finally confident enough to make the unit open to public recruitment

As we get more members, we will end up adding new play times to best suit our members and play styles.

How do you Join the 124th if your interested?

There are several ways to join us if your interested. The fastest and best way would be to hop on our unit Discord and to message in the recruitment Channel. But I’ll throw up other options for those who would like to join us otherwise

What we expect of new players is a mature, yet relaxed attitude. Out of game we are chill and bullshit and have a good time chatting among ourselves. In game we require for people to focus on the op and not let yourself get distracted or distract someone else during ops. But we do understand emergencies happen.

Discord: https://discord.gg/zBFyTwN

TS: mch124th.ts.nfoservers.com

Arma 3 Units Page: https://units.arma3.com/unit/124mch